Nostalgia - Throwback to the Nineties

Nostalgia - Throwback to the Nineties

Throwback to the Nineties
SATURDAY JAN 28th - we invite you to join us for a special Hard House night at Koi featuring a talented special guest DJ lineup:
Featuring the musical talents of Djs:

❂ BAWB |
❂ KID V |


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❂ BAWB | Names Bob, aka BAWB. Been raving since 1999 DJing since 2001. My spinning passion is hard house, electro anything super danceable. I had the opportunity to residence at Social Sound with Robbie C in Canmore, AB. It's been an honour to play Treemendus, this will be my 4th year. Looking forward to rockin this one.

❂ Kid.V | Who is djkidv you ask ? Well if you don’t know him personally, he is one of Canada’s well kept secrets, who has certainly caught the attention of LHP Records in the UK! Kid V has spent the last two decades mastering his craft, spinning events and venues like Raves, Clubs, and private functions of all kinds! In his hometown of Calgary A B. Today he composes and produces at the LAB (his own private studio in Calgary). Kid V has currently composed and written two new albums, “Sex, Drugs, Electro” was released in August2011 and is currently one of the fans favorite albums. “A pocalyptic,’ the newest album to date, is scheduled to be released by LHP records publishing company. Kid V ’s style and over all feel are quite unique among other artist of this genre of music. He has a new age style with an old school feel. Perfect for any occasion, Kid V makes you want to dance at the club, at home, or in the car, so if you are looking for that ultimate dance experience, or just want to let your inner kid out to play!

❂ SWADE ST EVES | Swade St Eves likes Hard House, festivals, and cookies. If any of those are around him he will be smiling.


Join us for a throwback Hard House night in the intimate atmosphere of Koi and enjoy a night that will bring you back to the nineties with some banging Hard House!

Make this 4th monthly installment of Treemendus Music @ Koi a must on Sat Jan 28th. You'll be glad you did!

Let's DANCE!

Doors at 9:30 PM

║KOI ║
1011 1st St SW

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