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About Treemendus

The little camping trip that grew

Treemendus started out as an idea between 3 friends, a camping trip in Mclean Creek, a small rack mount controller, and the stereo and speakers from the livingroom.
Oh, and beer....
Lots of beer....

Then it became our group's long weekend tradition.
The sound got bigger, the talent pool expanded, the stages grew, the lighting became wilder, and more and more people started showing up for our little camping trip.
We could no longer call this just a camping trip anymore but a small festival!
(cue the whippet cracker sound)
As Treemendus expanded we had to focus on only one weekend, throwing the event became way too much and way to expensive to continue running every long weekend.
It truely was a honor to see how Treemendus has blown up over the years!

Our final year of the festival (2016) left us financially strapped.
We had our venue pulled 7 days before the event which had us scrambling and put us on the hook for more rentals, we were also hit with some legal troubles after it was over which added fines and lawyer fees on top of the heavy loss we were already taking.
But we're still here!
While we haven't done an outdoor show in quite a while we still try and do shows now and then in Calgary as well as do live streaming.
But keep us in mind because the itch is there to get back out in the woods, our tagline isn't "Music in the Woods" for no reason!

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May 29, 2020

New website

Old site was pretty broken on mobile so here's a rewrite!

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Treemendus is a small group of friends and DJs that have come together to throw events.

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